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Thai Cuisine


Windsors only original recipe Thai & Vietnamese street food takeaway

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No matter what reasons that bring you to Windsor, don’t miss trying our local Thai and Vietnamese street foods. Carefully balanced flavours, TV street food brings you all the fragrance, tastes and recipes of the Thai & Vietnamese street food stalls to Windsor and the surrounding area, conveniently delivered to your door! Mmmm delicious give us a try....

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Our Food

Sizziling straight to your door!

Disclaimer - Please note our Thai & Vietnamese food is completely authentic & when we founded the business it was always our mission to provide street food exactly the same as can be bought in Thailand & Vietnam. This means the tatste isn't weakened or diluted for the UK market. For some clients, the food maybe quite spicy or strong tastes depending on the recipe. Where possible we have provided guidance in the menu listings where appropriate. 


Beef Sa Tay - Neau Say Tay ( สะเต๊เนี้อ)

Served All Day

Neua means beef, neau satay from TV Street Food, has been famous for 50 years in the UK. Our take, Fresh meat mixes with their own secret

 recipe before grilling. Besides a fantastic taste, it has really enticing smell from which, can make even the biggest food critic start drooling. 


Noodles with Roasted Duck Soup - Kuaitiao Ped ก๋วยเตี๋ยวเป็ด

The Perfect Choice

Kuaitiao means noodle in Thai. Kuaitiao ped is roasted duck with noodles. The overall flavor, has sweet delicate taste, slowly simmered from many, many hours which makes its soup somewhat special, not forgetting the slices roasted duck.

massaman kai.png

Chicken Mussaman Curry - Mussaman Kai มัสหม้่นไก่

Served All Day

Khao kaeng is well- known as Thai fastfood, you have a plate of main steamed rice cover up with other dishes such as curry or stir fried which you can choose to go with. Dishes will be well-prepared daily. As it's fast, delicious and cheap, Thai like to eat Khao Kaeng for lunch. Why don't you try! 

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Thai Chicken Soup

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We strive to always provide the most original Thai or Vietnamese food full of flavour, and provide a high level of service to our clients, so we welcome any feedback from you...

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63 Victoria Street, Windsor, SL4 1EH, England, UK

01753 771550

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